Copper Recycling

This element is very common in the electrical and plumbing fields.  Copper ranks behind iron and aluminum in tons produced.  As electronics continue to be more prevalent in our every day lives, copper plays an ever increasing role.  One example can be found in a typical automobile - thirty years ago a car may have contained 30 pounds of copper - today this number may approach 80 pounds.  Unlike aluminum which is often alloyed, copper is usually used in its pure form, and this makes it easy to be recycled.  Copper can be found everywhere from copper tubing and wires, to small electric motors.

TRG does not smelt or melt copper or copper wiring, but will seperate copper wiring and other materials by type or grade.  This segregated material can then be made into copper bales where it can be sold to copper refineries or smelters all over the world. 


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