Environment & Safety

At TRG, we are always working to improve the way we manage the environment and protect public health and safety throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond. Our proactive actions meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and set the standard in industry best practices. Working together, TRG’s dedicated employees are inventing sustainability solutions that are better for business -and the environment- and have earned us the reputation of professionalism and trust with consumers and large metal buyers alike.

TRG's Safety Policy

TRG is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for our employees.  As members of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc., we pledge to consider worker and customer safety in every decision we make.  Our mission as a company is to serve customers and produce high-quality product safely.  If we cannot do it safely, then we will not do it at all.

Environmental Focus
Recycling scrap metal diverts a large amount of material from the waste stream and replaces the use of virgin materials in manufacturing.

Safety & Health
Protecting public safety, health, and the environment is our highest priority. TRG meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and make every effort to set the standard in industry best practices.