Mobile Crushing Equipment

TRG owns car crushing and mobile logger / bailing equipment to efficiently crush and ship your scrap to our facilities for processing. If you have car hullks or other large, obsolete scrap, let us clean up your facility. TRG will provide crushing equipment, highly trained operators, as well as the necessary hauling equipment to get the job done. Our experience allows us to handle the job quickly and efficiently - allowing you to focus on your busines. Contact us if you would like more information regarding our services or to request a price quote.


Mobile Logging and Car Crushing
TRG maintains operated car crushers, logger bailers, and other crushing equipment. We can make quick work of your salvage yard or scrapyard.

Salvaged Cars
Those cars can be flattened, bailed, and shipped to our facility to become shredded steel. Turn those stripped cars into cash - call us about cleaning up your yard today.