Tenenbaum Recycling Group, LLC (TRG), Arkansas’ largest recycler and processor of scrap metal was established in Little Rock over a century ago.  In 1886, a Russian immigrant named Abraham Tenenbaum arrived in Little Rock driving a wagon loaded with tin ware. He liked this land they called Arkansas and decided to build his future here.

By 1890, he had accumulated enough capital to rent a small warehouse. He had a sign painted that read: “A. TENENBAUM COMPANY: BUYER OF HIDES, FURS, WOOL, BEESWAX, BURLAP BAGS, SCRAP IRON AND METALS,” and a new business was born. Over the next decade, the company grew with the local economy, shipping its products to both regional and national markets. In 1900, Julius Tenenbaum, nephew of Abraham, joined this growing company. The scrap industry began to prove its importance to the country during these early years. Cowhides were purchased from farmers and butchers and shipped to tanneries. Ferrous and nonferrous materials were accumulated and shipped to foundries and smelters, then processed into goods for the general public.  In the spring of 1933, Joe M. Tenenbaum, son of Julius, joined the firm as the company continued to grow. Technology was changing and many items that formerly were collected and sold were no longer in demand.

The great depression of the early thirties brought about unusual circumstances. As with most small companies during these years, A. Tenenbaum Company, Inc. had to survive with limited capital. Most commodities could not be sold as a price that would permit the seller to break even. Many of the smelters and foundries closed, and scrap began to pile up around the countryside.

A.Tenenbaum Company, Inc. decided to continue to buy metals and hides and hold them until such time as the economy improved. This market strategy has proven to be profitable for the company at certain times during the last century.


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