Management Services

TRG’s experienced, solution-oriented team creates customized scrap management programs to fit the needs of all types of clients. We work with businesses both large and small to minimize their environmental impact by assessing their current scrap disposal methods and creating new, environmentally focused solutions that are faster and much more cost-effective.

While each scrap management program we deliver is unique to the client and industry, past services include; hiring on-site contract labor; providing specialized facilities and equipment; environmental & safety consultations; specialized financing; and customized accounting and reporting.

With over one hundred and twenty years experience in the recycling industry, TRG has the expertise and equipment to handle most industrial or scrap project requirements.  TRG handles scrap from Fortune 500 companies to small, one time projects.

Detailed Analysis
TRG tests all types scrap metal materials with computerized scrap analysis equipment to determine the exact type of material being processed.

Global Exporters
We are experienced exporters of recycled metals, with clients ranging from manufacturers, contractors, mills, refineries, government agencies and industrial giants.